Bias and Objectivity

How objective and unbiased is this site?

I find that the most biased news and opinion sources are those that do not cite any statistics. The claims, if any, are to the effect of “studies say” without citing the study or indeed directly quoting any facts from these studies. These news and opinion sources are biased perhaps because they can get away with it. By not citing sources they remove or at least hinder any ability of readers/viewers to fact check on their own.

News With Numbers not only cites its sources, we also show all the data related to said sources. There is no cherry picking of data to support a claim we may favor, all the data is shown. You can decide how biased we are.

That said there is always bias. We believe in certain things and when we find data that supports those beliefs we stop looking while when we find data that contradict those beliefs we may look for more data that again reaffirms our beliefs.

Our bias may also manifest itself in the articles we chose to write about. But we believe within each article we are as unbiased as possible, and to guard against even this bias we welcome article suggestions. Just submit a comment on any recent story or email us directly.

However, we here at News With Numbers are very biased in one key way. We believe in data. While we may not fully believe the first batch of data that conflicts with a cherished belief of ours, we are open and fair minded enough to be persuaded by data alone. This may sound sophomoric, so let me be clear. Not every belief can be quantified and tested by data. Whether life begins at conception or at birth is not an argument that can be settled by collecting data. However, whether sex education increases or decreases teen pregnancy can be settled by collecting data.

How objective and unbiased are you?

Common sense colors our perception of the world. But common sense may be wrong. One common sense argument is that guns kill people, so if we got rid of guns there’d be fewer murders. Seems reasonable on the surface, but the argument is not a fact. It’s a hypothesis and furthermore it’s one that is fairly easy to test through examining gun ownership, gun law and murder statistics data from various states and countries around the world. Are you brave enough to abandon your common sense view of the world if the data contradicts it or do you adhere to your beliefs regardless of how large the pile of contradictory data is?

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