J. Michael Davis: Owner, Founder – was inspired by the work of Edward Tufte while he was VP of R&D at Wizards of the Coast. Mr. Davis thought the simple-to-understand but powerful graphics Tufte advocated would be especially useful to board game and trading card game designers and put several key members of Wizards design team through Tufte’s seminar. After Wizards was acquired by Hasbro Mr. Davis co-founded a cell phone entertainment company called Versaly Entertainment. He left Versaly in November of 2008 to pursue a vision of incorporating Tufte’s ideas into news reporting. In April 2009 he launched this website to showcase his ideas. In March 2010, while attending the Computer Assisted Reporting conference he decided to focus News With Numbers on providing graphics services to the news industry. (Details are still being flushed out as of this writing.)

Mr. Davis has an MBA from the University of Washington, an MS in Mathematics from NC State University and dual undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mathematics from the University of West Florida. He sits on the board of the Northwest Entrepreneur Network and is chair of their technology committee. Prior to Wizards of the Coast he was a software engineer at AT&T’s Bell Labs (now Lucent Technologies) and Bell South. He is co-inventor on an advanced telecommunications patent (#5533107).

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  1. John Mayer
    November 8, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    Thanks, Mr. Davis, for providing us with this source of clear-cut explanations of current issues. I find it helpful and useful. I have but one tiny quibble … http://begthequestion.info

    Yours truly,
    John Mayer

    PS My friend Debbie Hughes did some of the art for your Wizards of the Coast cards. I was honored to have posed for a few of them. Hard times for artists, now.

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